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The Beauty of a Sunset: Sóller edition

Travelling to a new country on your own can be scary. I don’t know why I don´t have any fear. Soon after my arrival, I started to explore around the city I live in which is Palma, the capital and biggest city in Mallorca. After about a week of venturing alone, I was desperate for […]

Traveling to Mallorca

The trip to Mallorca was a long haul. Deciding to visit my family in North Carolina meant travelling a bit beforehand but I had not seen them in 2 years. Since my trip was for six months, I could not stand the thought of elongating the time even more. By the way, I will not […]

Recipe for a Pandemic

One bitter, sour pandemic right here at your fingertips! This recipe calls for: 3 new side projects you’ll never finish. 5 calls to your ex. 1 new hobby (you probably aren’t good at). 20 successful (and unsuccessful) zoom calls, facetimes, what have you. 11 “Oh shit! I forgot my mask,” moments.  2 mental spirals of […]

Wanderlust – the ULTIMATE yoga fest

It wasn’t the longest drive we have ever done. Only 13 hours. Meager compared to the 30 hours we’ve driven 5 times in our lifetime. My mom in the passenger seat, and me at the wheel, I was captaining this epic road trip to Squaw Valley, California. Never hearing of this place before, I had […]


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