The Beauty of a Sunset: Sóller edition

Travelling to a new country on your own can be scary. I don’t know why I don´t have any fear. Soon after my arrival, I started to explore around the city I live in which is Palma, the capital and biggest city in Mallorca. After about a week of venturing alone, I was desperate for some travel buddies. With the virus making me even more anxiety-ridden to approach people out and about, I downloaded Bumble to make virtual friends to meet.

Now enter Saskia, a German girl who lives here now and is engaged to a Mallorquian boy she met her first time here. Meeting for a quick drink, conversation was ripe and never lulled between us. So, we decided to hangout the following day and take a one hour trip by bus to Sóller, a tiny, picturesque village and port in Northern Mallorca. Eating at this adorable, sustainable vegan restaurant with a terrace complete with a waterfall filling a pond with large fish, we met a few locals and filled up for the day. After grabbing some fresh clementines grown nearby, we headed to the port.

The beach was so beautiful it was hard to take in all at once. It took me about an hour and a half of walking the beach, sitting and eating our clementines, and sitting at a beachside restaurant to fully comprehend what was in front of me. Noticing the little things, like the two lighthouses at the top of the cliffs surrounding the beach. Upon seeing these, I blurt out the idea to travel to one of the lighthouses. With no bike or car rental, we planned to walk an hour but, we found one random taxi and decided to take it. That way, we would be sure to get there on time and have more time to enjoy the magnificent views.

With a quick jaunt to the store for sunset supplies (wine, bread, hummus, and cheese), we headed towards the lighthouse. Rather than explore the lighthouse, we found a random small, lightly tredded, pathway and descended upon a huge rock overlooking the ocean, the town, and beyond in all directions.

The next two hours consisted of deep personal talks, the kind you have with people you’ve known forever. When you’re traveling and meeting people for who knows how long, you skip the niceties, the subtlety, the small talk. Instead you delve deep into family histories, your pains, your triumphs, your traumas, and your regrets. You listen and allow space. You lift each other up while eating and drinking and dancing to Prince. All while the sun starts to dip below the horizon shooting beauty through the clouds and into your minds. A picture that will forever be ingrained in your memory. Two souls recognizing the sunsets in each other.

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