Traveling to Mallorca

The trip to Mallorca was a long haul. Deciding to visit my family in North Carolina meant travelling a bit beforehand but I had not seen them in 2 years. Since my trip was for six months, I could not stand the thought of elongating the time even more. By the way, I will not be using any contractions during this writing because I am typing at the school in Selva. (My computer shat out on me 2 days ago hehe).

Anyway, so after traveling to North Carolina, I embarked a week later for my 6 month teaching program in Spain. No idea where I was going to live, no euros, and practically no plans. Ahhh just how I like it. Upon my first flight, I realized I did not plan out my flights well but it really was not much of a hindrance until I arrived in New York and was turned away by American Airlines. For what reason, I am still unsure. I had a Spain work visa and everything needed for entry into the country. Angry and feeling unheard, I had to take a taxi to JFK airport from La Guardia and buy a whole new one-way ticket with Delta. Thankfully, I was able to find a way.

Fast forward about 18 hours after this, I arrive in Madrid only to find out my bag was left in the Paris airport where my layover was. Have no fear though! I continued my journey with the condolences and promises of the airport customer service that they would get my luggage to me (and they did… three days later). On my flight from Madrid to Palma, I found the closest hostel to the airport and decide to stay there. Just winging it.

Getting to the Balearic Island of Mallorca, I was exhausted but inside I was jumping for joy. Walking out to the city of Palma I was renewed with a sense of confidence and courage. I could do anything… except get on the bus because I did not have any euros… or my debit card… and there were no exchange offices open due to Co-Vid. Wah wahhhh. So unfortunately I had to look like the tourist I most unmistakebly was. On arrival to the hostel I realized how daunting the night would be without my luggage and without hesitation or much of a look at a GPS, I took to the streets to find what I needed. For that night, since I did have a duffle bag of clothes, all I grabbed were the essentials. Wine, bread, cheese, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. (By order of necessity and importance).

The next morning I had a meeting with a possible apartamiento with two guys. It seemed fine, a bit on the expensive side, but still nothing compared to the astronomical prices in Phoenix right now. Talking to the guy, I simply confirmed my room without any other options, choices, or looking. And just like that, I had an apartment in Mallorca.

Since coming to this beautiful island two weeks ago, I have been able to travel to a few places. I plan to share as many of my travels as I can write down. Welcome to my journey. Ciao! 

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