BREWSKI’s in Flag

There’s something enchanting about day-trips to a new town, I thought. The fresh, crisp mountain breeze tickled my cheeks red as we drove into town from Phoenix with our windows rolled all the way down. Freedom wisped as I reach to turn the song up. With no plans, no ideas, and no sense of direction in this foreign town, we set off to find some Friday shenanigans.

Mikey, my boyfriend, and I, of course look for the first brewery we can find. Something about millennials and craft beer, right? As we search for parking in this tiny but charming town, we smile to each other at the thoughts of the day ahead. Riding around practically aimlessly, we find a little hole-in-the-wall brewery – or so we thought.

Parking paid in quarters and dimes (finally getting to use up our change), we step into Dark Sky Brewing Company to find ourselves smack dab in the face of the large metal canisters hissing with brews to be made. Looking around the room, we saw wooden tables, metal chairs, and squishy couches. In a beeline to the bar, we snagged two open seats. On a Friday around noon, there were about 10 people milling about the building, including the beer slinger and the brewmaster. Overlooking the list, I felt a bit daunted at all the tasty choices to choose from. It seemed a flight would be the way to go.

After 10 minutes of decisions, I was surprised the bartender was still paying attention to me. With a bit of help from her, I was able to pick an astronomical 5 choices of brews. The best had to have been the Astro-Cookie, brewed with actual Oreo’s! When I received the flight and realized it’s mobility, we went on the move to take a look outside. The sun warmed us as we drank our brews and breathed in that natural smelling air which was slightly tinged with hops. It was that heaven to a brew-lover smell.

Upon sitting back at the bar, we perused the beautiful local artist’s work on the wall ahead. Full of originality and detail, they really brought out the spirit of Flagstaff, much like Dark Sky. Next to us, was Nate. He was traveling through from California to Colorado. Beers and conversation made for the best early Friday afternoon.

After staying for about an hour, we went to check out a few other sites. The bartender gave us plenty of choices. However, after a long day of exploring through the lightly snowed ground, we found ourselves back in Dark Sky. The Friday night lights were poppin’ as we entered. The humming off the guests was at a much higher volume than before and the place was buzzing with energy.

Since there was a lot going on, we asked for a growler to-go of the Shakedown Saison. The bartender was quick to correct – Crowler. The amazing canned growler to-go was painted with their signature logo of mountains with a backdrop of stars. This brewery was awe-inspiring and definitely took the cake for our Flagstaff trip. Three weeks later, and we are still talking about it.

With three new beers introduced weekly, there are plans to return with eagerness to this fun brew haven.


(photos courtesy of Dark Sky Brewing Company Facebook page. Link attached! I do not own rights to these photos.)

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