Heineken House

You are now entering my experience with the Heineken House in Amsterdam, where the Heineken brew was born. Beginning with a brief history lesson, I became enthralled by the information regarding hops, barley, and brewing, due to my previous experience in bars and breweries in Arizona. The most interesting fact to me was that Heineken became popular in the United States by being the first there after the Prohibition was lifted. Leaving the tour guide with impatience, we set on foot into the brewery room.

I was astonished by the size of the equipment in the room. They had ladders to climb down into them. Obviously off limits but with no signs to prove it, I inquired a crew member, “Can I climb down the ladder?” He replied, “Yes, but I won’t help you get out.” Shocked, I started to lift my leg over and onto the ladder to descend. “No, no madame, I was only joking,” the man chuckled. I thought he was in all seriousness. Apparently, that was the first time he had been asked this question. He told us we might be troublemakers and he would keep his eyes on us.

Further into the experience, it became even more interactive. We went through a simulation where we became a Heineken beer. Water splashed on us as the ground shook and smiles arose on all the faces in the crowd. Next came the tasting. After a scintillating speech by a blonde dutch woman with crude jokes, we all said, “Cheers” or “Proost” and took long gulps of our perfectly poured Heineken. We were instructed to take long gulps so as to keep as much foam in the top as possible. The foam actually helps keep the taste of the beer in and is not just “a ploy from the cheap dutch,” as the woman said.

Later we were able to make custom bottles of Heineken with our own personal message. I had my name put on mine while Ally wrote, “Send it!!!.” Ending the Heineken experience, we find ourselves on a rooftop bar overlooking the city of Amsterdam with the inclusion of two free Heineken beers, some classic American and Dutch popular songs with some techno additions, and a cute Dutch boy named Bart. They even gave us a free keychain at the end!

2 thumbs up for the Heineken House Experience when in Amsterdam, 10/10 would recommend!

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