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Tensions were high as Ally and I set off on our first of three flights to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Our first stop from Phoenix was in Seattle, the rain capital of the U.S. After notification of a two hour delay to take-off after already boarding, we decided we had the rug pulled out from under us. Our extended metaphor consisted of making a goal in a soccer game only to have a penalty called. Ultimately, we got a red card and were benched the rest of the season. Also were probably kicked off the team. We went in search of a good, cheap meal. However, these two adjectives hardly ever coexist in an airport. Settling to split a meal at an expensive seafood restaurant, we paid a million dollars and set back off for our plane. After our long-awaited departure, we fought to get seats together through this 3 hour flight.

International flights are decidedly the comfiest experience. Four hours into the flight, we fully sent the trip with sparkling wine and a rather animated game of Slapjack in which an elderly man gave us the stank eye a few times… The small bottle of wine mixed with altitude earned us a woozy hour on the flight. Does anyone else feel awkward laughing loudly at a movie when you’re on a flight? Descending into Germany, we were thankful for the opportunity to stretch our limbs after the 9-hour and 50-minute flight.

We are now in Frankfurt airport in Germany mulling over the already innumerable practical jokes. Crossing through security, Ally received a thorough pat down. In a shambles, we reach border patrol and she is instigated by a man who asks her extremely detailed questions starting with her nails. “I like your nails. Did you paint them on the plane?” and “Don’t do too many drugs in Amsterdam,” he said.

Upon arrival into Amsterdam Schipol airport, immersed in the chaotic stream of pedestrians, we panicked a bit before finding our way to our bags and the train. Two men working for the train were quite interested in our quirky accents and confusion but thankfully they led us in the right direction with a quick, “Bye Arizona girls,” to send us on our way. We are here, and ready for our next adventure!


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