Fear and Loathing: ASU Edition

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: ASU edition

We drove home today. Two cans of Redbull were essential after the weekend we experienced. It took me back to our drive there; windows rolled down and a Diplo and Friends remix by Getter. The purple, yellow, and orange wildflowers were dancing in the breeze inviting us to the city of sin. Ironically, I had started reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas the week before the trip for my Literature of Satire class. Having experienced Vegas only once the weekend before, I decided to investigate this novel within Vegas. What would Vegas be like from the eyes of two 21-year-old college women?

The drive was plenty interesting. We encountered many speed racers. One was driving in and out of cars as if it were a motorcycle. If you have read the book by Hunter Thompson, then you will understand when I say that we, unlike the book, did not carry any illegal and/or psychedelic drugs. These drugs were not accepted then, and definitely are not now. Having a clear mind, I began to observe the crowd I saw when we walked into the hotel. A man I saw looked as if he had been sitting at the slot machine in the casino for at least a week. Typical of him to be wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Vegas. It’s about money, alcohol, fun, and many, many sins. I wanted to hear some stories from people who were veterans, per say, to the Vegas scene.

Tony the bartender was a charming enough fellow. He would be my target for the next 30 minutes of interview questions. “What’s the craziest story you’ve had working here,” I asked. “You really want to know?” “Yes, Tony. Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked!” Let’s just say both the stories were vulgar beyond belief. Classic. I guess I can share one with you. One time Tony was walking into a cabana by the pool at Mandalay Bay and caught a woman giving oral sex to a man. The story blew my mind anyway.

When we arrived, Jessica’s dad was there. He had gotten two rooms; one for him, and the other for us for her 21st birthday. The 21st birthday is quite the cultural celebration for a person living in America. The clubs were sweaty, packed, and full of old men trying to lure us to their tables. After closing up a night in the clubs, I had to help Jessica back to the hotel room. Well, Jessica is a wanderer. There is always one in the group. I like to wander around to different cities, Jessica likes to wander away from her friends. So imagine me trying to direct Jessica back through the reeks, geeks, and sideshow freaks of Vegas. It is easy to get distracted by the lights and glitter infested hotels. Safely back in her room, I went out for another story.

I met a man, A. I told him I would only put his first initial in order to “protect his identity.” Although, I told him multiple times that I would only use this material in essays for college courses, he was still leery. Anyhow, he told me about a time in 2004 when he got into an altercation with another man. The fight turned ugly, and the other’s man eyeball came out. A. wasn’t worried about that. He was more worried about the “8 ball of cocaine” that fell out of his pocket. When apprehended, he paid the officer $100 and only had to stay overnight. This must just be normal in Clark County’s law system because anywhere else this would not fly!

As far as Vegas from my eyes, it seemed like one big circus. There was always something new to look at and each place was like its’ own theme park. Personally, I do not see Vegas as much fun. But, I did get some good stories out of it!

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